Sunday, March 2, 2008

Irish Convert

(from Grandma LEB and Grandpa TBB, who served a mission together in Ireland 2001-04)

When we lived in Ireland we helped teach and prepare a woman of about 40 to be baptized. She was a member of another church – The Jehovah’s Witnesses. She lived in one of their group housing complexes and had other family including her mother who belonged to the same church. When they heard of her intention to be baptized they told her she would have to leave the church housing and that her family could never again speak to her. Can you imagine the challenge for a single, uneducated person to consider the impact of being baptized? Well, she went ahead was baptized and great things began to happen to her. She was able to go to BYU Idaho for college and later transferred to BYU. She graduated and met a man in the temple where they got to know each other, dated and eventually were married in the temple. She is now a trained social worker and a happily married woman with a new life and much happiness.