Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Grandpa THM

(verbatim from Grandpa THM, baptized in 1965(?) Maryland, USA)

I was baptized at age 31. At the time Grandma AJM and I had been married for seven years and had three little girls---the oldest being your Grandma CMB. At the time we lived in Annapolis, Maryland. Our home teacher baptized me at a ward building in Baltimore Maryland (about 30 miles north of Annapolis). When we were driving to the baptism other members were passing us on the highway. Grandma said that maybe I should go a little faster so that we would be there on time. I told her that we needn't hurry because I was sure that they would wait if were late since I was the one being baptized. I had been going to church regularly with Grandma and our girls and so lots of people were surprised because they thought I had always been a member.
Grandson, you are making the right choice. The Lord will welcome you as a new member of the Church and so will your family.