Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grandma CMB

(verbatim from Grandma CMB--baptized in 1967, Nevada, USA)

I don't remember much, so I had to check out the facts with my parents :o)

I was baptized in Carson City, Nevada, after we had lived there almost a year. We had spent most of that time building a new ward building, and I was one of the first people baptized in the new font.
I was the first person my daddy ever baptized, because he had only joined the church a few years before.
I was baptized in the same dress that I had worn when our family was sealed in the temple. (I don't think we had the white jumpsuits that most people use now.)
I had to get dunked twice, because my hair floated up. It's hard to believe, because my hair was very short. But it was long enough to not get totally immersed!