Sunday, March 30, 2008

Felipe (in Brazil)

Felipe (baptized August 22, 2004, Sao Paulo, Brazil--from the journal of the sister missionary who taught him)

The baptism was scheduled for right after the church meetings, so we started the font before our meeting in the morning. We checked it before Relief Society (and it was filling fine) and then in the middle of Relief Society we went to turn it off. We arrived in the hallway to find a few people saying “oh my! Look! There’s water in the hall and filling the bathroom! Where are the Sisters?!” Whatever happened to trying to fix the problem, folks?!

We arrived on the scene and started action. Sister B turned off the font (nope, they hadn’t done that) and I got some buckets and squeegees and rags. I started emptying the font with buckets into the bathroom sinks, and Sister B started mopping the floor. Nobody helped us, they just watched and made comments like how dangerous it is to leave the door to the font open because a child could fall in and drown. [Omitted here are a few choice comments about Brazilian culture.] We got frustrated, but we cleaned the bathroom and everything, and the rest of the church meetings went well. Then Felipe was baptized, and that is what was most important.