Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aunt KBP

(verbatim from Aunt KBP, baptized February 2, 1991, Sumner Washington, USA)

When we got to the church building someone had already filled the font. I snuck in and down the stairs and felt the water with my finger. I thought it felt freezing, but I thought “what do I know? I’m just a kid” so I didn’t say anything. There were three other kids getting baptized the same night as I—two girls and a boy. A few minutes after I had tested the water, the boy’s mom also went down and felt the water. “It’s freezing!” she exclaimed to the other moms in the bathroom. I guess I was right. But it was too late to drain it and start again!

Mommy made a beautiful baptism dress for me, but I didn’t wear it until after I got baptized. I chose to wear all of my own clothing to get baptized: my own white t-shirt, my own white pants, and, of course, white underwear. The other girls wore white dresses, and when they got in the water their dresses floated up and they had to be re-baptized to be fully immersed. When I got baptized I tucked my braid in my t-shirt and I only had to get dunked one time in the freezing water!