Sunday, March 2, 2008

Aunt LB

(verbatim from Aunt L, baptized on her 8th birthday in June 2002, Enumclaw, Washington, United States)

I guess my baptism was pretty normal at first, except that it was a busy summer. I hope I remember everything right, but the way I remember it, the next day Daddy left for Europe and I left to go to [visit relatives out of state], so a lot of nerves were running high. Like I said, it went pretty much normal except after I was confirmed I jumped up and left and then everyone started laughing, and I turned around and [my uncle] said "Aren't you going to shake my hand?" And then, bright red, I turned around and shook everyone's hand.

I do remember a few other details, like that I was the only one getting baptized that day, so I got to pick all the songs and speakers. We sang "I like to look for rainbows", and then [a primary teacher] talked and tried not to yawn.

There was also this old guy I did not know and had NOT INVITED came and I was upset, and I asked mom of we could make him leave and she just hopelessly said no, because he had found out. An then, this is what still makes me angry, HE JOINED IN THE CONFIRMATION WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!! He was just an old creepy guy, I still don't know who he was.