Saturday, August 23, 2008


(Baptized in June 2008 in Utah, USA)

WSB II wanted to be baptized on his birthday. He also wanted to be baptized in Lake Mary, in Brighton, Utah, which was named by his namesake. It's an alpine lake, but with a birthday in June, we thought it should be doable.

So we gathered the family and made the hike.

Lake Mary 6/15/08.
The ice on the lake was two feet thick, and this little bit at the edge was the only unfrozen part

W contemplates

Opening remarks from dad

Dad and Uncle J make plans--Dad will climb in and J will lift W out to him to reduce W's time in the freezing water.

W is too cold

We remind him that Jesus was baptized outside in a river.
Alma and Joseph Smith were baptized outside.
We tell him this is the coolest baptism ever.
Mom points out that WSB I was baptized outside in Scotland in February, and that was surely colder than Utah in June!

Second (and third) tries: Dad freezes, W won't go in past his toes
So we go home

The not-freezing alternative: Aunt S's hot tub back home

Little brother looks on
(and tests out the water for himself...hmm, 99 vs 39 degrees)

A freshly baptized (and much happier) W

Baptism can happen anywhere, so long as the right authority is present.